The River Don December Report

River Don Monthly Report

December 2022


Throughout the month Fisheries Officers maintained foot patrols across the catchment checking for any sign of illegal activity. No incidents were discovered or reported over the month. Fish passes were inspected after the recent flood for any debris blocking fish passage. The majority have now been cleared.

Following the flooding two trees became caught on the fish pass structure at the Newe Weir. Fisheries Officers inspected the site and concluded that the trees were not restricting passage at the site. The Fisheries Officers will remove the trees when water levels allow safe access.


Fisheries Officers have been dispersing small groups of Goosanders and Cormorants using non-lethal methods whilst out on beat patrols. One common seal was observed on the lower reaches at Grandhome and quickly displaced downstream. Photographic identification on in river seal movement has continued over the month. Please contact for any updates on the remaining Goosander/Cormorant license quota. 

Redd Surveys

River levels eventually fell back to a suitable height which allowed staff to identify any additional redds across their sites. A brief spell of activity was observed on the lower reaches of the main river where several pairs of fish were found utilising gravel sections around Kintore and Inverurie, however above here no further action was found taking place although several spent salmon and seatrout kelts were found washed up on the bankside having fulfilled their lifecycle. Another substantial increase in water levels on the 19th of the month put paid to any remaining surveys being undertaken. A summary of this year’s redd count surveys will be available soon. 

Compiled by Martin Webster

Fisheries Officer DonDSFB