River Management

Our mission

Fish and fishery management within the Don catchment is carried out jointly by the Don District Salmon Fishery Board and River Don Trust. Each organisation has its own specific remit but both have a similar key objective in that they both strive to make the Don and its tributaries a better habitat for Atlantic salmon, sea trout and brown trout.

Be this through policing and protecting the migratory and resident stocks of salmonids by the Don DSFB’s Fisheries Officers or understanding and addressing the threats caused to stocks by climate change, agriculture and forestry or developments by the Trust.

A key component of the work of both parties is raising awareness and increasing the profile of the River Don, by working closely with stakeholders, developing our social media profile and engaging local communities, its hoped that this profile can be expand and allow the Don.

If you have any complaints about Don DSFB, please refer to the Don DSFB Complaints Procedure

conservation code

The Conservation Code is updated annually by the Don DSFB and identifies legal requirements and conservation measures identified to protect Salmon and sea trout. More information can be found in the adjacent document.

Protection Order

Since 1990 the River Don has had a brown trout Protection Order (PO) in place due to high levels of persecution by anglers using live baits and other means. The PO allows the Warranted Officers to protect the brown trout fishery and it is a criminal offence to fish on any part of the Don (or Urie) covered by the PO without written permission. More information can be found in the adjacent document.

Hatchery Factsheet

The Don District Salmon Fishery Board and River Don Trust must do everything in their power to increase the number of returning adult salmon and to maximise the production and fitness of smolts going out to sea. Based on what we know, we do not believe that a hatchery is the right tool for boosting the rod catch. More information can be found in the adjacent document.

Fishery Protection

If you see or suspect that any suspicious fishing activity is taking place, then please contact our Bailiff Team at the earliest opportunity on 01467 642121. All calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Annual Report 2021

The Don District Salmon Fishery Board statutory annual report for the period from 31st October 2020 to the 30th October 2021. This report includes information gathered and actions delivered by the Board on fish stocks, fishery protection and projects to enhance and restore the habitats of the Don District for the benefit of migratory salmonid fish.


The Conservation of Salmon (Scotland) Regulations 2016 manage the killing of salmon in rivers based on categorising the conservation status of their stocks. The Scottish Government has categorised the Don as a Category 3 river and therefore all salmon must be returned throughout the 2022 season. The Don DSFB therefore promotes good fish handling practice to ensure that all fish caught are returned safely to the river. More information can be found in the adjacent document.


Jim Kerr

Senior Fisheries Officer


Martin Webster

Fisheries Officer


Stephen Murphy

Fisheries Officer